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Strength Characteristics Of Concrete Made With Rice Husk , Periwinkle shell (PS) has been found to be a good lightweight material for concrete production PS can be used to either partially or totally replace aggregates in concrete, yet achieve the desired properties [16and 15] The continuous dumping of Rice Husks and Periwinkle shell has resulted and constituted
Sea shells used as partial aggregate replacement in concrete Nov 01, 2013· Sea shells used as partial aggregate replacement in concrete Sea shells used as partial aggregate replacement in concrete Alan Elliott Richardson; Thomas Fuller 2013-11-01 00:00:00 Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to examine the use of a waste marine sea shell product incorporated into a concrete mix as an aggregate replacement
Palm Kernel Shell Research Papers - Academiaedu To attain the set out objectives of the present investigation, sand has been replaced with glass powder by 10,20 and 30% and palm kernel shell fiber by 5,10 and 15% produce concrete respectively The concrete specimen tested for compressive, split tension and flexural strength The concrete are three concrete samples were tested at 7, 14 and 28 .
Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Beams With Coconut Shell , Apr 11, 2018· Coconut shell concrete can be classified under structural lightweight concrete OT Olateju in this paper reports the exploratory study on the suitability of the periwinkle shells as partial or in concrete works Physical and mechanical properties of periwinkle shell and crushed granite were determined and compared
Literature review on investigation of the properties of , Literature review on investigation of the properties of asphalt concrete using periwinkle shell as a partial replacement for fine aggregate Products As a leading global manufacturer of crushing, grinding and mining equipments, we offer advanced, reasonable solutions for any size-reduction requirements including, Literature review on .
Evaluation of the Properties of Lightweight Concrete Using , periwinkle shells as alternative material to granite chips as coarse aggregate in concrete and concluded that the use of periwinkle shells for concrete would result in low cost housing delivery especially in the riverine areas where they are found as waste Emiero and Oyedepo (2012) worked on the Investigation on
Assessment of Physico-Chemical Properties of Periwinkle , periwinkle shells (Tympanotonus Fuscatus) to replace coarse aggregates in lightweight concrete, [12] employed the periwinkle shells as hybrid bio-composite material, while [7] reported that [17] employed the cementitious properties of the periwinkle shell ash as a filler for partial replacement of
1 INTRODUCTION IJSER periwinkle and cockle employed in concrete production and construction works Adewuyi and Adegoke [16] carried out an exploratory study of periwinkle shells as coarse aggregates in concrete works and concluded that 354and 425% replacement of % crushed granite with periwinkle shells by weight give concrete Figure 1
BEHAVIOUR OF PERIWINKLE SHELL ASH BLENDED CEMENT , BEHAVIOUR OF PERIWINKLE SHELL ASH BLENDED CEMENT CONCRETE IN SULPHURIC ACID ENVIRONMENT I C Attah et al Nigerian Journal of Technology, Vol 37, No 2, April 2018 316 admixtures have been fly ash, blast furnace slag, silica fume and rice husk ash
Mechanical Properties of Seashell Concrete - ScienceDirect Blood clam or cockle (Anadara granosa) shell is a type of marine by-product that can be used to replace aggregate or cement partially in concreteIn this research, the ground cockle seashell was used as a partial cement replacement The ground seashells were prepared by burning, crushing, grinding and filtering the cockle using no #200 sieve
(PDF) MECHANICAL PROPERTIES OF PALM KERNEL SHELL , Comparative analysis of mechanical properties of palm kernel shell concrete with periwinkle shell concrete is presented in the paper The binder and ,
Laboratory Study On The Compressive Strength , unconventional materials is concrete containing periwinkle shell ash as part replacement for cement Previous works on this material have recommended it for use as an alternative to the conventional material ie normal concrete, without ascertaining its performance under harsh environmental conditions they would normally be
Suitability of Periwinkle Shell as Partial Replacement for , Suitability of Periwinkle Shell as Partial Replacement for River Gravel in Concrete Olufemi Isaac AGBEDE and Joel MANASSEH Department of Civil Engineering, University of Agriculture, Makurdi Benue State, Nigeria E-mail(s): [email protected], [email protected] Abstract
What are other alternatives for aggregates in concrete , 1 Expanded Polystrene(EPS): EPS balls are used as an aggregate instead of the crushed stone that is used in regular concrete, it known as EPScrete, EPS concrete or lightweight concrete It has been used as road bedding, in soil or geo-stabilizat.
PAPER OPEN ACCESS Related content , Adekunle[20] stated that the concrete which contained periwinkle shell as partial cement replacement gained the most compressive strength compare to snail and oyster shell recorded at 19 MPa after 28 days curing which was higher than the control sample reading at 175 MPa For the cockle, the concrete of grade 35 MPa had been made [7,18]
EVALUATION OF CURING METHODS AND PERIWINKLE , fine aggregate, periwinkle shell and water The tools include steel moulds (100mm x100mm x 100mm size), shovel and head pans The periwinkle shells were washed to remove impurities and dried before usage in the designs mix of 20 N/mm2 concrete adopted The periwinkle shells were partially replacement for 5%, 10% and 15%
Evaluation of curing methods and periwinkle shell concrete , Jun 22, 2019· The effects of periwinkle shell, curing duration and methods of curing on the compressive strength of concrete using response surface methodology were evaluated However, the periwinkle shells were added to the concrete at 5%, 10% and 15% dosage by weight as partial replacement to the coarse aggregate
Uchechi G Eziefula *, Hyginus E Opara & Collins U Anya 150 × 150 mm to produce concrete cub Twelve cubes were cast for palm kernel shell concrete, periwinkle shell concrete, and granite concrete, respectively, giving a total of 36 concrete cub All cubes were de-moulded 24 hours later and water-cured until the day of testing
BEHAVIOUR OFLIGHTWEIGHT CONCRETE CONTAINING , Behaviour of Lightweight Concrete Containing Periwinkle Shell 381 containing 100% periwinkle shells The results of the investigation showed that the workability of the concrete batches, density, compressive and flexural strengths of specimens tested decreased with increase in the proportion of periwinkle shells to granite in the mix
BEHAVIOUR OF LIGHTWEIGHT CONCRETE CONTAINING , granite chips as coarse aggregate in concrete and concluded that the use of periwinkle shells for concrete would result in low cost housing delivery especially in the riverine areas where they are found as waste In his research work on the characteristic of lightweight concrete made with periwinkle ,
The Study of Periwinkle Shells as Fine and Coarse , A total of sixty (60) concrete cubes of size 150 x 150 x 150 mm with different percentages by weight of crushed granite to periwinkle shells as fine and coarse aggregate in order of 0%, 10%, 30%, 50% and 100% inclusion of periwinkle shells were cast, tested and ,
Exploratory Study of Crushed Periwinkle Shell as Partial , Exploratory Study of Crushed Periwinkle Shell as Partial Replacement for Fine Aggregates in Concrete Amaziah Walter Otunyo, Idongesit Udo Friday, and Theodore Alexander Israel Faculty of Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering Rivers State University of Science & Technology Nkpolu, Port Harcourt, Nigeria
Effect of Different Sulphate Types and Concentrations on , Periwinkle shell Ash, Sulphates, Blended cement concrete and falls within zone 2 as shown in Figure 1; while the 1 NTRODUCTIONI The compressive strength of concrete is considered one of the most important properties in the hardened state, and the design of concrete structures is based primarily to resist compressive stress
Developing Concrete using Sea Shell as a Fine Aggregate Olufemi Isaac Agbede et al(2009)on the topic of “Suitability of Periwinkle Shell as Partial substitute for River rock-strewn in Concrete” states that The correctness of periwinkle shells, a small gastropod sea snail , as a replacement of river gravel in concrete production was investigated
Investigating the Relationship Between Workability and , In this paper, a comprehensive study on the relationship between workability in form of slump and water absorption, a permeability and durability property, of cement concrete blended with periwinkle shell ash is presented Periwinkle shell ash was obtained from the granulation process of calcined periwinkle shells at a calcination temperature of 800°C
ASSESSMENT OF THE SUITABILITY OF PERIWINKLE SHELL , Keywords: Cement, Concrete, Periwinkle Shell Ash, Pozzolans 1 INTRODUCTION Periwinkle shell is a waste product generated from the consumption of a small greenish-blue marine snail (periwinkle), housed in a V shaped spiral shell, found in many coastal communities within Nigeria and word-wide is
Prospect of Lateritic Sand and Periwinkle Shell as , lateritic sand and periwinkle shell developed a higher compressive strength for the curing ages of 7, 14, and 28days independent of the mix ratios than concrete containing lateritic sand and periwinkle shell at 100% full replacementThe study therefore recommends that 20% lateritic sand and periwinkle shell ,
(PDF) Properties of seashell aggregate concrete: A review the use of mollusc seashells such as periwinkle shell, mussel shell, oyster shell, cockle shell, crepidula shell, clam shell and scallop shell as aggregate replacement materials in concrete,
Cockle Shell A Potential Partial Coarse Aggregate , aggregate replacement material in concrete production such as oil palm shell [2], periwinkle shell [3], recycled coarse aggregate [4] and others However, to the best of author’s knowledge no work has been reported on the use of cockle shells as partial coarse aggregate replacement in concrete
EFFECT OF PARTICLE SIZE ON THE MECHANICAL PROPERTIES , 3 suggested that, the periwinkle shell particles can be used as reinforcing material Olutoge et al [13], studied the suitability of periwinkle shell ash as partial replacement for ordinary Portland cement in concrete, analyzed the chemical content of periwinkle shell ash and